There were some brownstones that had their grand staircases removed when they were transformed into apartment buildings in the 70s, Susannah’s mom had always said they did that because class consciousness was on the rise and the people of the era found the idea of a “servant’s entrance” distasteful. But she doubted that was the real reason. Class consciousness could have never found its way to the wide streets of Brooklyn Heights,

Excerpts from “Leaving La Lavandería”

amnesia of interrogation
amnesia of incommensurate cant
amnesia of commandeering enough space
to bring the sleeves in and collar the hem

imagine but do not pretend
these brimful automatons all mouth
these dismal prodigies
represent the sole order we’ve ever known

Twenty-Seven Club, & other poems

we have been released into nothing morethan mere ritualshorter days warmer monthsnew discoveries year after year this truth starts firing

for fear of trial, we lose the fightlord drag us back to the gutterwhere all things weak break free—

The Sacrificial Man

The difference is that the sacrificial man continues to do so indefinitely, continually postponing his own ill-defined moment of sacrifice. In reality, like Oedipus he avoids any situation which may call for it. The sacrificial man only agrees that at some point in the future his life may need to be forfeited. The sacrificial man is at heart a coward.