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Submission Content Guidelines

We welcome and encourage submissions from writers who are members of communities historically oppressed.

Prior publication has no bearing on our judgment.

Any submission deemed ableist, anti-LGBTQIA+, classist, colonialist, fascist, imperialist, jingoist, misogynist, neoliberal, pro-capitalist, or racist will not be published.

Any submission which calls for specific and targeted violence against a living person or building will not be published. We consider doxxing and cyber-bullying targeted violence.

We do not accept works submitted by a third party without the formal consent of the original author.

At this time, we can only accept works in english. If your work is in another language, please provide an english translation. Both will be published together. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes. 

Submission and Publication Details

We accept unsolicited submissions year-round, and publish on a rolling basis.

We will publish any number of works that meets Ohm Journal’s Content Guidelines and holds to Ohm Journal’s standards. There are, and never will be, any arbitrary limits to the number of works we will publish in a given month, other than the inherent limitation of the time it takes for our editors to review the eligible submissions.

We do not accept multiple submissions from the same author; please wait until after your initial submission has been either accepted or declined before submitting further work.

We reserve the right of publishing sections of submissions, e.g. individual poems.

We reserve the right to spread out the publication of submissions over multiple days or months.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed; please notify us if your work has been selected elsewhere.

We retain the initial rights to any work we decide to publish; rights revert back to the author upon publication. If a work initially published in Ohm Journal is then published elsewhere, we ask that Ohm Journal be credited for its initial publication.

By submitting to Ohm Journal, you are agreeing to license your work under Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International License — CC BY 4.0, which lets others use, distribute, reproduce, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, in any medium as long as they credit you for the original work.

Please wait at least two months from date-of-submission before contacting Ohm Journal regarding the status of your work.

Works may be withdrawn at any time prior to acceptance. To do so, please email us at with a subject line of “WITHDRAWAL”. Withdrawals may be either partial or full. No explanation is necessary.


Though we currently do not charge for submissions, at some point in the near future, to be determined by the staff at Ohm Journal, we will charge $3.00 for each submission (not accounting for future adjustments due to inflation).

If, at that time, you are unable to afford the submission fee, please feel free to send the editors a note as well as your submission at No explanation of your financial circumstances is necessary.


We are currently unable to reimburse writers for their work. We understand the labor that goes into creative activity, but at this time we simply don’t have the means to reimburse authors. We have no “investors”, no “start-up capital” and no “grants”; we are doing this ourselves out of a shared passion. We have no funders, backers, investors, etc. because we do not wish to be limited in our discourse by external agents.

We will never ask for payment without also reimbursing writers whose works we publish. We will unveil our Contributor Reimbursement Model when we begin charging for submissions.  


Contributors must accept Ohm Journal’s Content Guidelines and pending Contributor Reimbursement Policy for their work to be considered for publication. At the moment, the act of submitting your work qualifies as acceptance.

Please submit your previously unpublished fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays and/or criticism in one document (12 pt. font size, with a standard font – e.g. Times New Roman, Garamond, Arial, etc.) as a Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word Document or PDF (art as .jpeg), titled “SUBMISSION_NAME_YYYYMMDD”.

Ohm Journal has no page count, though please understand that longer submissions will take longer to review.

Poetry may be single-spaced. Everything else—double-spaced, please. Poets, please understand that the mobile version of Ohm Journal may affect the layout of your work (e.g. line breaks, indentation, etc.).

If you wish to preserve the format of your work, please send us your document as a .pdf as well.

Ensure there is clear delineation between poems / paragraphs / stanzas / sections.

Ensure that each page bears your name and a page number.

Please also attach a cover letter as the first page of your submission with the following information: legal name, preferred name, preferred pronouns, contact information, and a short third-person bio (optional).

Send your submission to, or contact us at if you are unable to send your work via email.

We look forward to engaging with your work!