August 2022

July was an exciting success. We hit the ground running and published twelve pieces of prose-fiction, criticism, and poetry. In the late heat of August we’ll be presenting authors who trace the lineages and origins of resistance, who push back against the deafening roar of normativity, and who aren’t afraid to wield their pens as inspiration for action.

“The failures of our parents may become our burden, but it is our choice to continue carrying it onward into the next generation or put it down. My adopted beliefs were my written script for living, and I played it out like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As I moved toward healing, I learned unconscious patterns can change once brought into awareness.”
– Oriana Allen, The Truth in Our Scars: Untangling Trauma to Discover Your Secret Self

  • Blood in the Water

    He was like blood in the water, a coworker once said. Women swam around him hungry in a way they wouldn’t be if there were more options.

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  • May 25, & other poems

    It’s a spiritual practice to imagine a deep web of interconnections between us and every other living creature on this planet and yet how precisely this practice fails.

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  • Waking/Dreaming, & other poems

    “the nerves / frenzy feeding / on nothing” The most accurate description of a panic attack I have encountered.

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