About Us

Ohm’s Mission

We are dedicated to publishing works of progressive-to-leftist literature, criticism, poetry, and art.

Ohm’s Values

We aim to forward the interests of the people, especially those being oppressed, marginalized and exploited. We are not affiliated with any political party. We welcome constructive feedback on our ideas, and are more than willing to publish tasteful articles that challenge our assumptions, and especially our proposals. We do not wish to publish works that merely interpret the world around us, rather works that seek to change it for the better. Altogether, our goal is not to see our name in lights, but to see our dreams of progress and justice realized.

Ohm’s Strategy

We hope the pieces we publish become part of broader conversations between people across the country who are seeking ways to address their oppression and improve society. We desire to break down the modern information bubbles that alienate us from one another. We seek passionate expressions of lived experience and sincere attempts to grapple with substantive issues.

Ohm’s Process

We will accept articles that express progressive political ideas in ways that are accessible to people with different experiences and opinions. We seek to promote clarity and substantive discourse on progressive and leftist ideas through rational explications that don’t assume context, and to champion art that conveys honest emotion, presents real lived experience, and seeks to change the world.

Ohm Journal

In opposition to the partitioning of forms into exclusive and competing sects, we seek to propagate the democratization of the written word. Poetry, essay, criticism, fiction, and hybrid works are all equally valid cultural forms for combating capitalism, white supremacy, colonialism, the patriarchy, fascism, and other methodologies of oppression; yet stove-piped and stripped of their communality, these cultural forms are ineffectual. Only together in solidarity do they provide a total picture of the suffering imposed under our current system, and most effectively help us forge ways ahead.

The Ohm Team

Jonathan Kelly

Founder, Editor


Founder, Editor

Lisette Boer

Founder, Director of Social Media


Founder, Director of Technology