I see you, you know.
Everyone else may be busy going about their life
But I see you. 

During the darkest times of my life,
I've seen you creeping on me 
Through my windows.

As I'm bawling my eyes out,
I see a glimpse of your serene shine,
Your Glistening beauty. It feels Unreal.


Behind my bedroom curtains, you're smiling at me. seducing me.
But when I gravitate toward you 
You go back even further. weirdo.


The next day, The birds are chirping, the sweet aroma of dawn is 
In the air.

On my way to school,
There you are again sitting in the sky. Creeping.
Why are you still here?

Another failed picture.

I can never take a good picture of you
To expose you to everyone.
But... I like the challenge.

Well, see you whenever...
I guess

By Hijabi Princess