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Ohm Journal is a cooperatively-owned lit-mag and political journal dedicated to publishing progressive literature, criticism, poetry, and art. We don’t make distinctions between these because we believe in the democratization of the written word. Only together in solidarity do these different written forms provide a total picture of the suffering imposed under the prevailing economic and political systems, and most effectively help us forge ways ahead.

What is “Ohm”, you ask? Well, it’s the “[…] unit used to measure the electrical resistance of a material or an electrical device” (according to Dictionary.com). And that’s what Ohm Journal is here to do! To resist. To resist neoliberalism. To resist white supremacy. To resist the patriarchy. To resist colonialism. To resist capital. To resist the forces that seek to divide us.

We hope the pieces published by Ohm Journal become part of broader conversations between people across the country who are seeking ways to address their oppression and improve society.

If you, like us, yearn to create a just and equitable society—rejecting the current trajectory toward fascism and neoliberalism, or simply wish to engage with our articles, please reach out to Ohm Journal on Twitter or Instagram! We look forward to hearing from you!

Ohm Journal

Read August 2022

Featured Publications

  • Blood in the Water

    He was like blood in the water, a coworker once said. Women swam around him hungry in a way they wouldn’t be if there were more options.

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  • May 25, & other poems

    It’s a spiritual practice to imagine a deep web of interconnections between us and every other living creature on this planet and yet how precisely this practice fails.

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  • Waking/Dreaming, & other poems

    “the nerves / frenzy feeding / on nothing” The most accurate description of a panic attack I have encountered.

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